Raised in both Sheffield and Hull, I have consistently witnessed Labour’s promotion of the dependency culture.

My father was self-employed, so I was taught that to provide a better life, you should work hard to make it happen and Conservatism, for me, highlights this as a key value, with aspiration at its core.

Therefore, amongst other vital things, my campaign will focus on:

Education. Good schools are vital, underpinning people’s future endeavours. I will continue to take an interest in Hull North’s thirty-two schools and sixth form college, as well as the 1,000 apprentices, and those pursuing higher education through the University of Hull.

Employment. A job provides more than just an income; it provides an opportunity to stand on your own two feet. Hull is home to a diverse range of businesses and I will continue to promote policies to support them.

Housing. Hull North residents have the 10th highest take up of the Government’s Help To Buy Scheme and for those renting or already in home ownership, I will continue to support policies to help them stay secure in their homes.

Dehenna Davison, Candidate for Hull North