pm-nhsWe’re committed to creating a truly 7-day a week NHS.

Our National Health Service should be there for you and your family, wherever and whenever you need it.

By sticking to our plan to build a strong economy and deal with the deficit, we can invest more in the NHS and become the first country in the world to deliver a 7-day a week service.

We’ve already committed to investing an extra £2 billion this year, and will increase the NHS budget by an extra £8 billion annually by the end of the next Parliament – so our hospitals get the funding they need to provide a world-class health services at the weekend.

We all rely on the NHS and few things embody the spirit of One Nation more than our health service.

Our commitment to a 7-day a week service is about delivering the best care in the world for everyone in our country, and about protecting the values of the NHS: to ensure that free healthcare is always there wherever and whenever you need it.

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An NHS That’s There For You – Whenever You Need It