Ed Miliband has spent the last three years telling us to abandon our plans to rescue the economy. He claimed the only answer was more borrowing.
But because we took action to cut borrowing, the deficit is down by a third, private sector employment is at an all-time high and now the economy is moving out of intensive care and into recovery.
Labour’s argument has been proved wrong – and yet they’re still clinging to the same old Labour policy of more borrowing.
This year alone, they’ve announced policies that would cost £50 billion without saying how they would pay for them. That’s £2,960 more debt for every working family in this country – and it would lead to soaring mortgage rates.
We can’t let them do that to hardworking families.
While Labour remain stuck in the past, we are focussed on the future – ensuring that all hardworking people benefit from the recovery.
That means fixing the tax and benefits system to reward hard work. It means cutting income tax for 25 million people, capping benefits and helping homebuyers with our Help to Buy scheme.

2,960 reasons not to vote Labour